6 Secrets to Balancing Blogging and Motherhood

Finding balance with blogging and being a mom was probably one of the hardest challenges for me. Especially after my twins arrived. Life of a work at home mom blogger has lots of perks and freedoms, but it can all burn you out quicker than you think. Help yourself avoid blogger burnout with 6 secrets to balancing blogging and motherhood.

Balancing blogging and motherhood was probably one of the hardest challenges for me. Especially after my twins arrived and the mom blog was taking off.

6 Secrets to Balancing Blogging and Motherhood

#1 Set a Schedule

Figure out how much time you can actually dedicate to blogging each day, and set a schedule. Once you have your schedule figured out, let your family know. Knowing that mom is working from “7-9 PM” sets boundaries and lets them know that you are unavailable. If you need to, print this sign below and hang it on the door to remind them. 😉

#2 Plan of Attack

Now that you have a schedule, plan out your work time. If you have a plan of attack you won’t find yourself starring blankly at your computer screen not knowing what to do. Write down the different tasks you have for your blog and make a plan. My plan of attack is working on specific tasks each day, for example:

Monday: Work on Photography for Posts (batch shooting saves a ton of time!)
Tuesday: Work on Tailwind and Pinterest
Wednesday: Send Pitches
Thursday: SEO/Updating Old Posts
Friday: Writing Posts

#3 Avoid the Social Media Spiral of Time Suckery

Seriously. Being a blog means you are on social media. A lot. It will suck you in and before you know it your are on your 5th video of a crackhead dancing in her kitchen. Trust me on this, you do not want to go there. Set yourself some social media rules to help you keep the balance of blogging and motherhood so you aren’t spending more time with Crackie McCrackpot than your kids. A few tips I have:

  • When you are working, keep social media tabs closed on your computer to avoid wandering over and checking every notification.
  • Turn off social media app notifications on your phone if you can, especially during family time.
  • Try doing a “40 Minute Social Marathon” each day: 10 Minutes on Facebook | 10 Minutes on Twitter | 10 Minutes on Instagram | 10 Minutes on Pinterest

#4 Lighten Your Load

Write down everything you are doing for your blog. Are there tasks that you could hire out to a Virtual Assistant or teenage child? Are there tasks within the home that you could ask for more help on or hire out like grocery delivery or lawn mowing services? When you reach a point where things are going great but it’s starting to feel a bit overwhelming, it’s time to think about how you can manage things better.

#5 Plan Date Nights

Not just with your spouse but with your kids too. Plan a date night once a month with each person in your home, if you can. One weekend my husband and I go out. One weekend I take our oldest daughter out, and another weekend I take my oldest son out. The twins get a lot of my time all day every day so we don’t have a date night yet. Each date night is a special time for me to reconnect with each person, especially during busier work months.

#6 Cut Yourself Some Slack

Running a mom blog means you are a mother and entrepreneur who is hustling. Those are both impressive and plate filling tasks. Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to take breaks when you need them and to put your head down and hustle on work when you need to.

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