Buying a Domain Name for Your Blog

Once you figure out that you want to setup a blog then you need to come up with a name and also purchase a domain name. The best domain name – or URL – for your blog would be one that matches the name of your site. It will make it easier for people to remember both your site’s name and domain name that way. Oftentimes you will not be able to get the exact match and that is okay too but try to find a domain name that is close to the name of your site is possible.

There are many places you can go to buy a domain name and here are just a few:

Which one is my favorite and why?

how to buy a domain nameI like to buy all of my domains at because they are the cheapest per year and the domain name cost includes privacy all for $10 a year. While many of the other sites seem to be cheaper they actually require you to buy the domain for up to 10 years to get the discount and the cost does not include privacy. Privacy can cost you an additional $10 per year.

When you buy your domain name with Google you pay $10 and can renew it each year. If you aren’t sure you will want to keep the same domain each year, paying yearly will let you decide each year. If you decide you want to own the domain for a long time then you may want to go with another site that will give you a multi-year discount.

How to Choose a Domain Name:

  • Keep it Short
  • Make it Memorable
  • Use Keywords or Make it Descriptive
  • Don’t use special characters or hyphens

When trying to decide on a domain name think about the sites you use that are easy to remember. Do they have hyphens, underlines or special characters in their domain name? Not usually.

Can you easily spell the domain name if you were talking to a friend or someone on the phone?

Think of the name you want to use for your site and see if you can get the same name. Look at the domain name we have for the Mommy Bloggers Guide – it matches – The domain and the name of the site are easy to remember and help you know right away what the site is about.

Buy Matching Domain Names

If you think you will be using this domain name for a long time or it will become your business, consider buying up similar domain names so someone else can’t own them.

If you can afford it, buy up the domains that match that people might type easily. If you can afford even more buy up misspellings and the .net version of your main domain. If your site grows and becomes super popular you will find that there will be people who will buy up the misspelling of your domain name just to see if they can grab some of your traffic if someone were to misspell it. They call that “typo squatting” and once they buy those misspelled domains, it can be hard to get them back.

Check for Trademarks

Before buying a domain name or even naming your site, you should check to see if that name has been trademarked in any way. You wouldn’t want to start a site and do a lot of work only to find someone owns the rights to that name. You would have to give it up and start all over. You can check to see if a name has a registered trademark in the TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System) database.

Note: this doesn’t mean that someone isn’t using the TM symbol to trademark their name already. It just means that the trademark has been registered with the government. Anyone can hold a trademark and you do not have to legally register it. A name can still be taken from you if a company or person owned it before you and can prove an earlier date and wants to fight it in court or with a lawyer so name your site wisely.

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