How to Pick a Web Hosting Account For Your Blog

After you come up with the name of your mom blog and purchase the domain, it's time to setup the hosting. If you are going to host your own site that means you are going to be using a platform like WordPress. If you decide to keep your blog on a free platform like Blogger or then you … [Read more...]

Buying a Domain Name for Your Blog

Once you figure out that you want to setup a blog then you need to come up with a name and also purchase a domain name. The best domain name - or URL - for your blog would be one that matches the name of your site. It will make it easier for people to remember both your site's name and domain name … [Read more...]

Free Publicity for Bloggers

Do you have a story to share or something that is newsworthy? Maybe you write about a specific niche topic on your blog that isn't widely covered on other blogs. Maybe, just maybe, what you write about it hot, current, trendy, and newsworthy. But how to get the word out about your blog, your story, … [Read more...]

New Blog Checklist

If you are setting up your blog for the first time, that is probably what you brought your here, so first of all, congratulations! Second of all, when you are setting up a blog for the first time you may not know exactly what you need to do, buy, or even install. Right? You are in luck! I've created … [Read more...]

Free Books for Bloggers from BookSneeze

Are you looking for things to review on your blog. Well, here's something you can get for free to review. BookSneeze is offering books for bloggers in exchange for a 200 word review. The book review can be positive or negative. You can post the review on your own blog or on one of the book sites … [Read more...]

Free Mom Blogger Templates and Backgrounds

Sometimes all your mom blog needs is a pimping to give it more of a professional look. Maybe you are a mommy blogger who uses and have been looking all over for some free Blogger templates that will make your site POP! Here are some free resources you can use to get free background … [Read more...]

Self Hosting or Free Blog Hosting

When setting up a blog is it better to go with a free hosted blog on a site like or or to pay for a web hosting account. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Let's take a look. Free Blog Hosting With free blog hosting the obvious advantage is the … [Read more...]