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Do you have a story to share or something that is newsworthy? Maybe you write about a specific niche topic on your blog that isn’t widely covered on other blogs. Maybe, just maybe, what you write about it hot, current, trendy, and newsworthy. But how to get the word out about your blog, your story, and your ideas.

In the past all we only had traditional press releases to use but now you can find out what the press is looking to write and respond to their requests. Here are three free publicity outlets that you can use to help you grow your blog and your celebrity as a blogger.

All three of these free publicity opportunities are actual email lists that you sign up for. When you sign up you will receive daily emails that will list all of the requests made by reporters, TV shows, freelance writers, industry experts, and other bloggers like you. who are looking for a targeted audience that will respond to them.

On These Lists you will find:

  • TV shows that are looking for people to appear on their show
  • freelance writers who are in the pitch stage of an article and need ideas
  • other bloggers who are writing articles and need ideas
  • guest writer articles that someone wants posted
  • guest writer requests to write for a site
  • big magazines writing articles and looking for quotes or ideas for an article
  • bloggers who are doing gift guides and need companies to send them ideas for products to add
  • radio shows looking for guests
  • gift bag item requests

Set up a Separate Email Account

You may want to consider setting up a free email just to receive these media requests everyday because you can get a lot of them, especially from HARO. In the long run it is worth it though so you shouldn’t see them as spam and you can always unsubscribe at anytime.

Stay on Topic

Whatever you read in these email lists is geared towards a specifically topic. The reporters, freelance writers, bloggers, and other industry experts do not want you to respond to the media requests if you do not fit the criteria or topic. They are busy people and are putting out a request to get information about a specific article or pitch they are writing.

You can actually get kicked off of the lists if you respond to requests that you do not fit into. Make sure you read the request carefully and only respond to those where you fit the need.

Requests Expire

Most of the media requests expire after a certain date. Sometime they are only available for a day but sometimes you have a week or more to respond. Make sure to get your response in before the deadlines.

How to Respond to a Media Request

Once you find a media pitch that you have knowledge of, you have good information to include to their article, you have a compelling story to share, or you even feel like you have an idea that would make their story better, you will want to write an email to the person listed for that pitch.

Make sure you include a descriptive title to the email. The reporters and other media contacts will get a lot of responses to their requests, especially if they are from a national magazine or TV show and you want your email to be seen.

Do NOT capitalize your entire email title. That is still considered shouting. You could capitalize one word for emphasis and you might want to put the name of the list in brackets or parentheses like this [HARO] and include that in your title. You could also put the name of the person’s request in the brackets instead like this: Your title [Top Dating Tips HARO] – that helps the person to know you are responding to their request from the HARO list.

This is not a requirement, of course, just my suggestion to help your media response to get seen.

Getting Responses Back

Many times you will not get a response back from the reporter, blogger, or TV show. They may get lots and lots of responses, especially if they say they are a national magazine or TV show. Don’t take it personally. Just keep looking for opportunities to respond to. If you fit the criteria needed and the reporter is interested in what you have to say they will reply to your email.

HARO – HelpĀ  A Reporter Out

Founded in 2008, HARO or Help A Reporter Out, is the largest free publicity list out there. It was the first list of it’s kind to be established. Created and own by Peter Shankman, HARO brings nearly 30,000 reporters and bloggers, over 100,000 news sources and thousands of small businesses together to tell their stories, promote their brands and sell their products and services.

HARO is entirely free to sources and reporters, and unlike a majority of social media services, is independently owned and funded and has been profitable since day one.

Since you will be responding to most of the pitches and not sending out requests you will want to sign up as a Source. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own pitch at some point. That option will be available as well in your control panel.

Once you sign up you can choose the types of lists you would like to receive each day. You will want to know how to use it properly because you will get up to 3 emails per day from this list. You can get the master list, which will have every media pitch and blogger request in it or you can pick from these industry categories:

  • Business and Finance
  • Lifestyle and Fitness
  • High Tech
  • Giftbag
  • General
  • Travel

Personal Note: Because I responded to a reporter’s request in HARO one of my sites was featured in an article on MSN and CNN online and the article made it to the front page of those sites several times. It has been almost 3 years since that article came out and I still get traffic from it today.

Reporter Connection

Reporter Connection, established in December of 2009, is a free service that connects busy journalists with experts to interview or quote on a particular issue.

This list is much smaller and you will only get one email from them per day. Right now you cannot specify what you industry category you want to receive but the list is so small it doesn’t matter because you will only receive one email from them a day.

Not already a member? Join now to get our free media leads and please put my email Mom Bloggers Guide or [email protected] in the “Who told you about us?” box.

Blogger Link Up

BloggerLinkUp is a service provided by Cathy Stucker and Special Interests Publishing. The purpose of the service is to help bloggers get exposure for their content and find content for their blogs.

This is also a smaller list and was formed in late 2009. It is setup differently than the other two in that it has a section for Guest Post requests and pitches. Right now they only send out one email per day and there is no way to pick your industry category. This list is especially good for bloggers.

Once you sign up for a free account you can use these links to submit your own request or pitch a story or article.

Now bloggers have a great way of getting the word out about their niche topic, getting themselves promoted by the traditional media, or getting seen on a national scale.

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