How Much Money Do Mom Bloggers Make

So, just how much money do mom bloggers make? I see this question coming in all of the time. Realistically, there is no way to know what each mom blogger out there makes.  There are lots of ways to make money with a blog and no one ways works for every blogger.

If you are a mom and have found this site you are hoping that maybe, just maybe, you can blog like other moms and making money too. It is definitely possible and I will tell you just some of the ways you can make money by becoming a mommy blogger.

How Much Money Do Mom Bloggers MakeYou should know though, that some mom bloggers don’t make money at all. Either they just want to blog because it gives them a voice and a way to talk about their daily lives, they don’t know how to monetize their blog, they don’t know how to get traffic, or the topic they choose is harder to monetize. You will find a vast range of money flowing through the mom blogging community. One mom might make $100 a month while another will make $10,000 a month. Yes, there is huge potential for making money in our community if you know how.

Comparing one mom’s blog to another mom’s blog and trying to figure out how much each one makes is a tough and frustrating task for sure. It sure would be nice if there was a simple way to compare because we all want to know if we are progressing and if we are on the right track. But, just like in a “real” job you really don’t know what the other person makes unless they tell you – and probably don’t want to know. Finding out exactly what another mom blogger makes can either make you fell really great or really depressed depending on what your idea of how much money you think will be enough to be a professional, and paid blogger.

Traffic can play a big part into how much a blogger earns. That is, if you are depending on your income coming from Adsense, affiliate networks or ad networks. If you are a mom with a blog and have 100 visits a day, you are going to make less than a mom blogger who has 5,000 visits each day if you are trying to earn money with Adsense and ad networks. The more traffic you have, the more money you can make.  That is why we are all looking for traffic and trying to figure out how to get it.

It works the same way with a traditional “brick and mortar” business who needs physical bodies coming in the door. Some shoppers will buy and others will browse. Only a percentage will help you make money for your business and only a percentage of visitors will make money for your blog so the more traffic is better.

Also, the topic that you write about has a lot to do with whether you will make a lot of money or a little bit of money using the ad networks mentioned above. It also can decide how much traffic that blog gets. If a mom blogger picks a broad topic that is highly saturated in the blogging world (Blogosphere) then the amount of traffic she gets could be diminished because of so much competition on the topic. Less traffic means less income.

If you are a mom blogger and want to make money blogging or make more than you are now with your blog you will want to focus your topic into a more narrow niche. Instead of trying to grab all of the traffic out there spend time getting all of the traffic for a smaller niche and it will help you become more successful. Work on one smaller niche and then branch out overtime. It is less overwhelming and you will be rewarded faster.

Example: If you write about coupons and grocery store savings why not focus in on several specific grocery store chains or write about deals in your state. This is how you narrow down your blog’s topic and get more targeted readers and traffic. You could still add general coupons, deals, and freebies but your main focus would be on the local deals. That local focus will help you get more traffic in a saturated topic.

Some of the ways moms make money with their blogs:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product or service through an ad or link within a post and having the reader pass through your site to another and make either a purchase or fill out an offer form. You make a flat amount of money when they fill out the form – called a lead – or a percentage if the reader makes a purchase – called a sale.

Affiliate marketing can be a huge money maker. The amount of money you make is decided by the company you are promoting. A lead can go for 20 cent up to $20.00. Many leads average around $1.50. You make this amount for each and every person who fills out the offer form on the landing site you send your reader to. Sales are a paid by a percentage of the total (does not usually include shipping). You could make from 2% to 10% (or potentially more) depending on what the company promoting the product or service wants to offer you.

Google Adsense

When a person or company wants to advertise on Google to get their site to appear at the top of the search engine they will often buy keywords using Google Adwords. They bid on keywords and build ads around that keyword. Then their text ad appears at the top and sidebar of when someone types that keyword or phrase into Google.

Google allows blog and website owners to embed some HTML code to make those ads appear on their sites as well. Ads are generated by what the blog or website owner writes. This comes through the Google Adsense platform. You make money when a reader or visitor clicks on an ad – called CPA or Cost Per Acquisition (or Action).

What you are earning is a percentage of what the person or company pad to get their ad shown. No one knows for sure how much you earn but it has been mentioned that you earn 25% of the total.

So if an ad cost someone $1.50 then you would make 37 cent for that click. Some ads cost a lot more. It all depends on the topic that keyword is centered around. A keyword phrase like “how to make money” could cost the person $10.00 for one click through and then you would make $2.50 from just one click through. Not every blog topic does well with Adsense though so you have to test out whether it will work for you.

It is definitely possible to earn a living just through Adsense but your blog needs to be completely optimized or the ads won’t generate correctly. Where you place your Adsense ads on the blog makes a huge difference too.


There are many sites you can join that will allow you to promote their coupons and when a user clicks and prints that coupon you make money. However, one click and print isn’t enough to even buy a cup of coffee. One coupon printed from your site will earn you from 2 to 4 cent. You need a lot of visitors to make money from online printable coupons.

Paid Posts

Some sites will actually pay you money if you write a post. Whenever you do accept payment for a post you would want to be sure you know who is asking you to write this post and if they want you to include a link to their site make sure it is to a good site and not a link farm or one that is on the shady side. Sending links out from your blog to sites like that can actually hurt your ranking.

If someone comes to you directly to buy a post on your site you can charge whatever you want. I have charged $150 for an article to be put on my site and I have heard that $250 isn’t too much to ask. It all depends on how much traffic your blog gets and how important your blog ranks.

There are sites you can join that will pay you $2, $5, or $10 to post articles on your mom blog but you are also in competition with other bloggers to see who is chosen. This is a viable way of getting paid posts for your site if no one is directly coming to you asking for a paid post.

In-Text Link Ads

This is another valid way mom bloggers make money. There are some reputable companies out there that you can sign up with to get started. You will embed a piece of HTML code in your site (this is why it is so important to know a little bit about HTML) that will pull the advertisements from their server. You may have seen these in-text links on other sites. Sometimes the links will have a double underline and when you hover you mouse over them an ad pops up.

You earn a flat fee for the click-throughs from these types of ads but I don’t have any figures to give you for this right now.

Working with Brands

If you build up a good reputation and have influence as a blogger you could potentially work with brands to be part of campaigns and earn money. This type of money-making effort is different than making money with ads and networks. It requires you to be more social and interact with readers on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and anywhere else there is a potential to get your blog seen.

It takes time to build up your audience and have a unique voice so the brands will find what you write about as value to them. You have to seek out brands to work with and in the beginning you will need to start small. You may have to review products and host giveaways on your site. You may not make any money at all and only get free products or get invited to an event once and awhile. Brands only pay a small percentage of bloggers to be an Ambassador for them.

Direct Advertising

Once you start to have good traffic on your blog and companies see that you have traffic that you can send to them you can start charging for ads to be placed directly on your site. It is up to you as to how much you charge for these ads. The 125 x 125 small square ads might go for $25 a month but if you start to have thousands of visits a day you could charge $100 or more for those ads. This is where you start to negotiate.

Ads near the top of the page – above the fold – will usually go for more because that is prime real estate property. Every business wants to be seen at the top of the page. as you go down the page the value goes down because companies know readers don’t always make it to the bottom of a page. So you raise the rates a bit. The potential for direct advertising can be very lucrative.

As I mentioned, you will never make money on your blog without some kind of traffic. And, the more traffic you have the better. So, your prime objective should be spending time learning how to get that traffic. Once you get people to your site the sky is the limit for making money with your mom blog.

I will get into each way of making money in depth in future articles so stick around for that. I will show you how you can sign up for Ad Networks, embed HTML code, and start making money with your mom blog from each of these avenues and others as well. You don’t have to be locked into just one way of making money when there are so many options out there to try.

Terms used in this article:

  • Affiliate Marketing: promoting products or services on your blog or website to make money through sales or leads
  • Brick and Mortar: a physical store you go into like Walmart, TJMaxx, etc.
  • Monetizing: whatever you do to make money on your blog or website
  • Blogosphere: the collective blog community
  • Niche: The main topic of our blog or website.
  • Leads: When you send a reader to another site through an ad and they sign up for an offer.
  • CPA: Stands for Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action. When a reader does an action, usually by clicking, on ad.

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  1. One of the most popular mommy blogs in the US is “kellyskornerblog”. She is making tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from her blog. The thing is, I checked with the IRS. She isn’t paying taxes on any of this income. So you need to tell mommy bloggers to watch out – and pay their taxes on any income!

    • Mom Blogger says:

      Absolutely! Making money as a blogger is just like making money with any business or job, you have to claim what you earn or you will get in trouble sooner or later. Many of the affiliate programs and ad networks won’t let you even sign up with them without submitting a W9 and they send you 1099s at the end of the year, which you have to claim on your taxes as income.

  2. Great article. I just launched my own blog a few months ago and am doing a lot of research right now about promotion, Adwords, etc. I love your blog. Lot’s of great info Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. It is nice to have a concise place where someone breaks it all down in a way that’s understandable.

  4. thank you for this – incredibly helpful…I have been blogging for fun so far, and just interested to see where it takes me 🙂


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