How to Hide the Navbar in Blogger

When you use a standard template in Blogger you get a Navigation bar or more commonly called, NavBar, that shows up at the top of the screen. It makes it convenient for you when you want to log in but the public also sees that bar and it makes your blog look unprofessional. Here are simple instructions for how to hide the nav bar in Blogger.

hide the navbar in blogger

Step-by-Step Instructions for Hiding the Nav Bar:

These instructions are for the new Blogger Interface.

1. Click the Template tab on the left.

2. Click the Edit HTML link underneath the template preview

3. Click Proceed.

how to edit html blogger

4. Search (Ctrl + F brings up Find) for body {

5. Click just above that line of code and paste this code and press Enter once.

#navbar-iframe {

hide nav bar blogger

6. Click Save Template at the bottom of the screen.

7. Click the Preview button and you will see that the Navbar is gone.


From now on you will need to go to to log into your blog. You might want to bookmark the Blogger homepage to to make it faster to go to in the future.

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