How to Make Your Blog Mobile Ready for Free

Mobile ready blogs are a simple way for anyone with a Smartphone or Wifi tablet or device to view your blog without having to visit the web-ready version.

There is a FREE Word Press plugin that will make your blog Mobile ready in a flash. It’s easy to install and use and once you set it up you never have to do anything else to it.

The Free WordPress app for make your blog Mobile ready is called WPTouch.

WPTouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into app-like viewing and it only requires using the standard browser that comes installed with most popular mobile web browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile devices, Palm Pre/Pixi and BlackBerry OS6 mobile devices.

There is also a Pro version that costs $49 per site. The Pro version gives you other features like the ability to add your logo and make the mobile view look and have the colors like your site.

When someone visits your site with a mobile device or Smartphone they are typing in the URL in their device’s browser. That means they know exactly what site they are visiting so adding a logo or branding the plugin to make it look more like your site is just an added expense in my opinion.

WPTouch WordPress Plugin, Mobile Ready Blog Plugin Help

How to Install the WPTouch Mobile WordPress Plugin

1. Click Add New under Plugins on the left navigation bar in the WordPress Admin area.

2. Search for WPTouch.

3. Click Install Now, click OK and click Activate Now.

how to install and use the wptouch wordpres plugin

How to Use the WPTouch Mobile WordPress Plugin

1. Click WPTouch from the left navigation once you installed it to view all of the settings available.

There is really nothing you have to do but install WP-Touch but you might want to change the language, landing page, site title, exclude certain pages, add a custom Footer message and more. You can even add your Google AdSense ID to support mobile advertising in WPtouch posts and embed Google Analytics stats.

If you need more help, visit the author’s page on the WordPress Plugin site.

how to install and use the wptouch wordpress plugin

WP-Touch is a great plugin to install that will make your WordPress blog mobile ready.

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