How to Write a Product Pitch Email

Product reviews are found on lots of blogs. Honest, authentic reviews can be beneficial to both the brand and the blogger. But how do you go about getting product reviews? Sometimes you get product review pitches via emails, from companies looking for exposure through bloggers. Other times you might have to cold pitch for products you want to review and knowing how to write a product pitch email will help.


How to Write a Product Pitch Email

Research the Brand and Product

We’ve all received bad pitch emails that are so generic, you know the person sending it never read your blog. Don’t be that person when you are pitching for a product. Take the time to visit the brand’s website and learn what they are about, and a little bit about the product you want them to send you for review.

Find the Right Person to Pitch

The first thing you need to do when sending a product pitch email, is find the contant person for the product you want to review. Visit the brand’s website and look for “Contact Us” either at the top or very bottom of the homepage. Sometimes the contact information for individual people is listed on the “About Us” page. You can also do a Google Search for the Media or PR contact for the product or brand.

Key Points for Product Pitch Email

Once you have the contact for the product, you can send a product pitch email to them. This email is going to introduce you, your blog, as well as why and how you want to work with them. Keep the email short, friendly, and to the point, and include the following key points:

  • Who you are.
  • The name of your blog.
  • Your blog URL.
  • Your email address and/or phone number.
  • What you are asking and how the brand/product fits into your blog.
  • Your blog’s statistics if you want to include them now, or you can wait for a follow up email.

Here is an example of a product pitch email you can edit and use to create on that works for you and your blog.


My name is Susie and I run a lifestyle blog at I’m reaching out today, with interest in working together to review Epic Product on I learned about Epic Product from a friend of ours recently, and it really does make life easier. With over 20,000 monthly readers looking for tips and advice on making life easier, is a great place to feature Epic Product.

I look forward to hearing back from you,
[email protected] 



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