Wunderlist vs Microsoft To-Do

Back in 2015 Wunderlist was bought by Microsoft. They’ve kept Wunderlist running while they had the Wunderlist team working on a new version. That version is called, rather unimaginatively, Microsoft To-Do. With To-Do now available to the public it is only a matter of time before Microsoft shuts Wunderlist down. But as it stands Microsoft To-Do lacks some of the features that made Wunderlist so great. It isn’t all doom and gloom though. There is one feature in To-Do which is a complete game changer. With all that in mind lets compare the two, Wunderlist vs Microsoft To-Do.

How Microsoft To-Do Works

Wunderlist vs Microsoft To-Do

In many ways, Microsoft To-Do is identical to Wunderlist. This includes little things like the sounds notifications make. If you’re familiar with Wunderlist the layout of To-Do will be very familiar to you. But not all of it is the same, below are the ways they differ.

Sharing Lists

Perhaps the biggest downfall to Microsoft To-Do at the moment is that you cannot share your lists with anyone else. Your lists solely belong to you. No one else can see them, add to them, or work on them with you. This makes it impossible for teams to work together. The ability to do this is the biggest advantage Wunderlist currently has.

Lists Feature of Microsoft To-Do


Tasks differ slightly between Wunderlist and Microsoft To-Do. In Wunderlist you can set a due date, a reminder, add subtasks, add a note, add a file, or leave a comment. To-Do gets rid of the ability to add files, leave comments, and most surprisingly it doesn’t have subtasks.

Tasks Feature of Microsoft To-Do


In Wunderlist you can group similar lists together in folders. This helps keep your list of lists on the left side tidy. In Microsoft To-Do this option isn’t available so you end up with a massive list of lists that make it more difficult to get through quickly. Thankfully you can change the order the list of lists is in so similar projects can be put next to each other.

My Day vs Starred

As mentioned in the introduction there is one way that To-Do out does Wunderlist, this is the My Day feature. In To-Do you are able to go through your lists and select which tasks need to be completed today. You then have quick and easy access to what you need to complete today without having to constantly go through all of your lists. The closest Wunderlist gets to this is the Starred list and the Week list. Even though I do consider My Day to be an improvement overall as it combines two lists into one it does lack one thing. The list doesn’t auto populate with tasks that are due today, something that seems like it would be a no-brainer. Instead, if you click on the lightbulb it will offer suggestions from your lists.

My Day Feature of Microsoft To-Do


Microsoft is known for their simple, minimalist look when it comes to software. They prefer not to have a lot of distractions, instead going for a very streamlined look that could be considered somewhat cold. Wunderlist has always had customization options that make you want to look at it. Who doesn’t want to look at a list with a kitten behind it? While this may not matter to some I think To-Do suffers somewhat because of the limited customization options and cold feel.

Looks of Microsoft To-Do

Which is the better tool? They both have their ups and downs. The biggest down for Wunderlist is, of course, the fact that it will shut down sometime in the near future. If Microsoft To-Do can introduce shared lists and add more features that its predecessor has it could be a very good replacement for Wunderlist, it just isn’t there yet.

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